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A Little About Us

The Cleaning Service You Can Depend On

T.C.B. Cleaning Inc. located in Mandeville, LA is a family-owned, Christian-based janitorial company that believes in providing nothing less than excellent customer service to every client, during each visit, without exception. We offer cleaning services to commercial properties all throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, without compromising our commitment to excellence. We are able to meet any of the janitorial needs that your business may have, from top-notch cleaning to offering full-service floor care, along with lower level window washing. We customize all of our pricing based off of the specific needs that the individual company may have, instead of a one size fits all quote that may not address your concerns.


Our business operates under the principle of Proverbs 10:9: "He who walks with integrity walks securely.”  This is the cornerstone of our success, and we maintain the highest level of integrity through all levels of management and team members. We want our clients to have full confidence that when they hire us, they can always come to us with any questions or concerns and know that they will always be handled in the utmost professional and competent way.


We believe in thoroughly training each team member so that they are knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy for each client. We perform background checks and a complete six-week training with each team member. The first three weeks are a member of management, learning the techniques and procedures for optimal cleaning, and the final three weeks the cleaning technician performs the duties alone, with a management team member going in after the cleaning is completed in order to make sure that all cleanliness is up to the T.C.B. Cleaning standard of excellence. We also believe in the utilization of modern technology, and we implement several different techniques during the training process to ensure that all types of learning styles are covered.


We are licensed, bonded and insured, as well as a member of WOSB/NWOB/SBA small business, a member of the Crescent City Trade Exchange, and we are Small Business Administration-certified. We believe in helping the communities in which we are located, and with that helping the economies of each town that T.C.B. Cleaning conducts business. 


Contact us today to request a quote or for more information on our services.

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